In favor of wearing whatever the hell you want, part 3

We had our own Janet Yellen moment in Europe yesterday: the third swearing-in of Angela Merkel as Germany’s Chancellor. Just the same way as Yellen “Wore Same Dress Twice, Upsetting Local Idiot” (Jezebel), Merkel was criticized (picture below from the front page of Corriere della Sera) for wearing a very similar outfit to what she wore for previous ceremonies of the same type.

So what? They are smart and practical women. They standardize their looks because it saves them precious time, even if they become predictable. I am sure a lot of powerful men have favorite outfits too, and they don’t spend a lot of time worrying whether they’ve worn the same thing before.

Plus, Merkel has been photographed wearing quite different gear to the opera (see this post in case you don’t remember). So why, why can’t women yet wear whatever the hell they want?


Merkel swearing-in outfit


2 thoughts on “In favor of wearing whatever the hell you want, part 3

  1. It’s so unimportant how many times someone wears the same thing. I used to work as a fashion model but one thing I can’t be bothered about is if people mind me wearing my favorite dress 3 days a week or not. Besides, the mentioned women , and many others, don’t need to make a fashion statement every time they walk out the door, like you write; “they are smart & practical”, so they have other things to offer that are quite a bit more interesting but maybe not for mainstream (social) media. So anyhow, HERE HERE, all in favor!

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