iOS 7, and why Android still wins for me

iOS 7 is now with us, and while we get used to its clean, spare look, let me tell you why I think Apple has missed a major opportunity to catch up with Android.

On the left is my iPad, recently updated with iOS 7; on the right, my Galaxy Note (admittedly a large device for a phone, but one that I carry everywhere because it fits in any purse and still isn’t too large to have a phone conversation), carrying Android 4.1.2 (which isn’t even a very new version of Jelly Bean). Here are three reasons why I prefer Android by far.

Numbers row


You’ll notice something that makes all the difference in the world: with the Galaxy Note, if you are typing letters and numbers, you don’t have to keep toggling back and forth: they are all there on the same keyboard. As far as I’ve been able to find out he iPad, with all that screen real estate, does not allow me to have them together.

Predictive typing


Tweeting, posting quick text updates, and writing in general are all much faster with the Android keyboard. Try it especially with longish words. In this example, I can pick “absolutely” from the suggestions row after typing just three letters. With iOS, it takes nine letters before it knows what I need.

Filling forms



Don’t know about you, but to me it feels like I fill in forms all the time. There is, especially, one piece of information that goes into all sort of logins, order forms, verification screens and so on: my email address. Android offers it to me in the suggestions row after just four letters; in iOS, I have to type it out in full every time. This gets, shall we say, repetitive.

If you have suggestions to help me improve my iOS 7 experience, please let me know in the comments (“Leave a reply” link). Otherwise, I think the iPad will stay at home more and more often, while the Galaxy Note comes out with me.