Borgo Egnazia, interior decoration and hotel pools

I spent two nights at the charming Borgo Egnazia, a beautifully designed resort in Puglia whose interior decorator, Pino Brescia, seems to suffer from just the right type of obsessive-compulsive disorder to make large spaces come alive by assembling vast quantities of unexpected objects. Ladders, keys, baskets of almonds and grains, piles of old newspapers neatly tied with string, pages of yellowed books in frames, bird cages, rope, wire, clear glass bottles, twigs have been wrestled into order to welcome visitors, reassuring them that everything is under control.

Yet there is one more thing that hotel managament could do. You know I am particular about hotel pools. Borgo Egnazia’s two outdoor pools are spacious and surrounded by many heavy-duty, comfortable deckchairs, set on different levels, so that it never feels crowded. But you get one towel. If you ask, you can get two. It was very windy this past weekend. No matter how much you tried to tuck your towel behind the mattress, the wind would blow it away. Guests were chasing their towels around all the time.

I developed the theory that you should get two towels when you use an outdoor pool at a fancy resort – a fitted towel, just like a fitted sheet, with corners, for your deckchair; and a regular towel, to wrap around your body when you come out of the pool. I have only ever seen fitted deckchair towels in a very small number of resorts. They are bulkier, they are harder to fold, but they’re there for a reason. The most beautiful places are often windy. Your towel should stay put. Fitted towels are the way to go.

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