War rapes: an international overview

Two years ago I wrote about one war, in Sudan, where ICC prosecutors found that rape was being massively used as a weapon by government troops against insurgents. This week, the Economist brings us a war-rapes-in-review piece that in itself is worth the yearly subscription. A few snippets from the story, which I suggest you read in full:

  • In the Rwandan genocide rape was “the rule and its absence the exception”, in the words of the UN. […] Out of Rwanda’s horror came the first legal verdict that acknowledged rape as part of a genocidal campaign.
  • […] with the Bosnian war of the 1990s came the widespread recognition that rape has been used systematically as a weapon of war and that it must be punished as an egregious crime […] Rape was first properly recognised as a weapon of war after the conflict in Bosnia. […] the Balkan war-crimes court broke new ground by issuing verdicts treating rape as a crime against humanity.

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