Endeavor and the force of entrepreneurship. A proposal: bring it to Italy

Ever since I first heard of the global nonprofit Endeavor, an outfit dedicated to mentoring and empowering entrepreneurs in emerging countries, a few years ago (former colleague Matt Bannick sits on Endeavor’s board), I’ve thought: why, we need this thing to come to Italy. “It’s venture capital without the capital,” as founder Linda Rottenberg says, in this profile in the Wall Street Journal Magazine. (“Rottenberg […] had made her way to Latin America in the mid-1990s. Her eureka moment came in Buenos Aires. Riding in a taxi cab with a driver who had a Ph.D. in engineering, she asked why he wasn’t an entrepreneur—back home, engineers were starting dotcoms. He reacted with a quizzical look: “A what?””)

Don’t get me wrong: entrepreneurs need capital, too. But first of all they need to live in an environment that understands, appreciates and supports the culture of entrepreneurship. Not the mom-and-pop entrepreneurship of opening a bar or buying a taxi license: but the type of work that, through process or management or technological innovation (it doesn’t have to be technology, although that helps), creates a scalable business where there was none before, and therefore creates value for customers, lifts people out of unemployment, and contributes to growth.

So, here is my proposal: dear Endeavor team, please come to Italy. We’re not that different from the Latin American countries where your work has been so impactful.


One thought on “Endeavor and the force of entrepreneurship. A proposal: bring it to Italy

  1. ottima idea, anche se a mio parere queste cose esistono gia’, una cosa similare a verona la stiamo facendo tramite veronain, esiste internamente un gruppo che si occupa di dare consigli a chiunque presenti il proprio progetto. il gruppo e’ formato da persone del marketing, del web, ma anche da designer, angels.

    insomma la diversita’ di conoscenze e spunti andra’ a creare il vero valore per la persona che presenta il progetto.

    sarebbe interessante che una volta passato il primo step provinciale ci si potesse comfrontare con personaggi di livello nazionale comee potresti essere tu.

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