My new favorite fashion designer

Last weekend, an advertising image (among dozens and dozens of full-page ads in a magazine) caught my eye.


Yes, she is advertising a fashion brand. Yet, look at her.

She is not squeezed into a corset or stuck onto stiletto heels. There are no animal prints, no lace, no fur, no patent leather. No chains: she is not wearing any jewelry. No sunglasses. No handbags. Normal, healthy hair.

The clothes play with her body – concealing some features, showing others. She’s comfortable. She’s not constrained.

She may be dancing. But she’s dancing for herself – not for a male gaze.

The designer’s name is Martino Midali. I haven’t had a chance to wear his clothes yet, but based on this image alone, I think we need more designers like him.

5 thoughts on “My new favorite fashion designer

  1. i also hope this trend gains ground. it would be a very positive step in the way of pulling down one of the ultimate bulwarks of female subordination, i.e. traditional clothing and fashion

  2. The problem is, Elisheba, it’s not a trend. Actually, the trend is totally in the other direction (i.e., who can outdo Dolce & Gabbana?) This is just, in my understanding, one of the few spots of passive resistance.

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