For-profit activism: is Virgance showing the way?

Serial entrepreneur Steve Newcomb didn’t quite sit back and enjoy Martinis after selling Powerset to Microsoft. Barely six months after compelting that deal, he is back in the limelight as a co-founder at Virgance, a company that means to find and develop small, positive activism campaigns and scale them into global movements.

“I started looking at activism as a potential start-up industry,” he says […] Mr Newcomb says being a for-profit company enables it to grow faster and achieve more social impact than a non-profit, because it can afford to pay its employees competitive salaries and can raise capital from investors, rather than relying on donations.

Full Economist article here.

2 thoughts on “For-profit activism: is Virgance showing the way?

  1. Hey, not a bad idea really. If he has the money and the drive then i suppose he can create enough leverage to actually make a difference..

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