In favor of wearing whatever the hell you want, part 2

carme-chaconHere is Carme Chacón, Spanish defense minister, in a supremely elegant suit by Spanish designer Purificación García, presiding over the troops’ Pascua Militar parade on January 6th (photo: EFE). The suit had been previously vetted by officials in charge of royal protocol, yet Chacón was criticized (mostly by men, obviously) for not wearing a dress.

Women across the political spectrum defended Chacón’s untraditional choice. Esperanza Aguirre, a leading member of the opposition, said: “Como mujer que se dedica a la política, me indigna que sea motivo de discusión lo que nos ponemos, cómo nos peinamos y cómo nos cortamos el pelo, eso no pasa con los hombres.” Minister of Equality Bibiana Aído said: “No se nos ocurriría comentar la indumentaria de un hombre.”

9 thoughts on “In favor of wearing whatever the hell you want, part 2

  1. This isn’t necessarily a response to this article in particular, but your blog is a really enjoyable read. I just started up blogging again (after several failed attempts), and I stumbled across yours. And it has been great to read and enjoy.

    As for this particular entry…when will people get over this gender barrier? This is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn’t even be part of political discourse. I think she looks lovely and professional…that suit is great! But I guess I forget that the world financial meltdown, the invasion of Gaza, and women wearing anything other than a dress, corset, or bra are clearly on equal terms. Clearly.

  2. I strongly agree with you about the issue “wearing whatever….”, but defining “supremely elegant” la segnora Chacon is a sign of a great indulgence.
    IMHO she is overdressed while elegance is the art of be unnoticed!

  3. she is not overdressed at all, i find the the suit to be very elegant in a minimalist way, and therefore appropriate for the sobriety of the occasion.
    what may have upset some men is that she’s introducing a rather new (as far as i know) dress code for women politicians on formal circumstances, one that includes TROUSERS. a dress would make her look more traditionally feminine, and therefore less assertive… 😉

  4. Ciao mi piace molto il tuo blog, è interessante, cosa rara sul web ( non sopporto i blog della quattordicenni emo xD ), mi piacerebbe fare uno scambio link con te.

    Ti inserisco tra i blog preferiti 😉

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