I want to be healthy in Italy, but be sick in the Netherlands (Wi-Fi in every room)

Last year, in reviewing Ray Kluun’s book Love Life, I wrote that I wanted to live in Italy, but die in the Netherlands, based on the quality of treatment for terminal cancer patients and the attention to palliative care for intractable pain (blog post here – in Italian).

Reader comments told me that, while this might have applied to patients’ final moments, the overall quality of Dutch health care was poor, and lots of diseases were left untreated for too long. Now, I don’t know if I am suffering from some sort of cognitive bias, but it seems to me now that, even for non-life-threatening illnesses (such as hernia), at least some Dutch hospitals are taking care of their patients in a way that the ones over here aren’t. Or at least, so reports Boris, writing in The Next Web blog:

Within 1 hour after the procedure Patrick was back online Twittering and commenting on blog posts. The hospital has wi-fi in every room and even offers an eCard service which you can use for free to send cards to patients there.

Wi-Fi in every room? Now that’s the kind of hospital I want.

Have a good recovery Patrick!

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