Timeless advice for the workplace

It’s interesting to see that recent college graduates who are women keep discovering the same things that women have been discovering for the last 25 years or so. Have we not socialized this information enough already? Freelance journalist and author Hannah Seligson, born in 1982, wrote in the New York Times last week (thanks to MC582 for tweeting the article):

In my own case, I realized that I needed to develop a thick skin, feel comfortable promoting myself, learn how to negotiate, stop being a perfectionist and create a professional network — abilities that men are just more likely to have already.

In other words, learn the rules and play the game. Too many talented young women opt out of the game too soon, out of discomfort with new behaviors. I happen to believe they not only shortchange themselves, but also let other women down. What do you think?

One thought on “Timeless advice for the workplace

  1. I recognised myself very much in this point, that I think is one (often underestimated) reason for the salary gap between men/women:

    “Coming into the work force, I thought that, just as my professor had given me the grade I deserved on my political science midterm, my company would pay me what I “deserved.””

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