Criticism makes you stronger: Sarah Lacy on Silicon Valley women

Sarah Lacy

Business Week has a nice “Valley Girl” column today, profiling “an inspired new guard” of very visible women in the Silicon Valley tech and entrepreneurship scene: Tina Sharkey, Catarina Fake, Mena Trott, Gina Bianchini, Marissa Mayer. Here are a few excerpts:

While these ladies don’t overdo girliness, they’re unafraid to show their feminine side […] Of course, they’ve all gotten public scrutiny. […] But such criticism has only made these women tougher, more resilient, and, unlike the previous generation, more determined to be themselves in the public eye.

That’s a strong statement from a journalist, Sarah Lacy, who has been bitterly and savagely criticized herself, most visibly for a rather unsuccessful March 2008 keynote interview with Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW. Sarah’s attitude is a lesson in optimism and a good reminder to never stop cultivating our own resilience.

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