How America is (short stories by Deborah Eisenberg)

In Twilight of the Superheroes, Deborah Eisenberg has a knack for viewing America through the eyes of her non-American characters. The title story has a character, the daughter of an Armenian father living in Paris and a Chilean mother, who has been expensively schooled in England. Once in New York, though…

“Do you know how I get the news here?” Delphine said. “From your newspapers? Please! From your newspapers I learn what restaurant has opened. News I learn in taxis, from the drivers. And how do they get it? From their friends and relatives back home, in Pakistan or Uzbekistan or Somalia. The drivers sit around at the airport, swapping information, and they can tell you anything. But do you ask?”

In “Like it Or Not”, two friends get together in Europe after a long separation. Kate, divorced, has had a short-lived relationship with a divorced man, who shortly after breaking off with her (not being “ready for commitment“), has married a twenty-three-year-old.

“You should live here”, Giovanna yawned. “Here in Europe, you still have the chance to lose your lovers to someone your own age.”

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