I’m right and the world is wrong (Unicredit Group campaign)

Love the picture, hate the copy.

Maybe I\'m right and the world is wrong

What a lovely and whimsical image to shake off that stodgy bank feeling. And yet, what an arrogantly nonsensical statement they chose to go with it.

Eliminating the “Maybe” in “Maybe I’m right and the world is wrong” means no healthy skepticism. No awareness of what we don’t know. No willingness to learn more. If that’s what you aspire to, we’ve got a bank that’s ready to serve you. In fact, in its desire to foster certainty and eliminate ambiguity, this campaign stands as the polar opposite of the thought-provoking HSBC “Your Point of View” campaign, the one you’ve seen gracing several airport walkways over the last couple of years. In that campaign, who’s right and who’s wrong is about different points of view, and HSBC apparently maintains that celebrating differences is better than eradicating them. Feel free to call its cultural relativism naive and dangerous, but I find it a rather more appealing brand statement than UniCredit’s monolithic erasure of doubt.

More about the UniCredit campaign in the Advertising section of the bank’s site. The print ads show a campaign URL, www.be-free-of-maybe.eu, but that site doesn’t seem to be quite ready yet (as of today the URL merely redirects to the corporate site).

2 thoughts on “I’m right and the world is wrong (Unicredit Group campaign)

  1. It is the unequivocating will and voice of the fountainhead that that forces tidal waves across a world you are so busy restudying. The world is not meant to influence you, you are meant to determine the world. That you don’t have an absolute view of the world is indicative of your own lack of virility and inability to determine the world around you. Rest assured, with aid of irreversible force I and my associates have proved that the world is wrong and that we are what’s right several, several times over. God forbid you ever work for a hedge fund, law firm, military force or investment bank. Skepticism is a great thing, but best reserved for those that are mediocre.

    Long story short, I really like the text in this ad and could care less about the fool in the rabbit suit.

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