The Twitter language dilemma

When I started blogging, it was pretty clear to me that I’d have to have two blogs: one in Italian and one in English. Now that I’m taking Twitter for a test ride, that’s where I draw the line: I refuse to have two Twitter accounts, and I post my updates rather indiscrimately in whatever language I happen to have thought that particular though in. Still, I feel a bit guilty towards those of my readers who miss out on what I’m trying to say if it’s not in the language they speak.

If you use two or more languages, how have you solved the Twitter language dilemma?

4 thoughts on “The Twitter language dilemma

  1. I had the same question to answer when I started blogging, and quickly decide that I couldn’t keep everything I wrote available both in Italian and English… I’m too lazy for that…
    Most of my “internet-active” friends can at least read English, while a lot of them cannot read Italian at all, so my blog is just in English (but for extremely rare Italian-only compulsions).
    I’m afraid I’ve not solved your dilemma… πŸ™‚

  2. io scrivo un solo blog in due lingue diverse, a seconda della rilevanza del soggetto trattato e di chi, a mio avviso, possa avere piΓΉ interesse a leggerlo. pertanto twitter lo uso nella stessa maniera.

    altrimenti.. consiglio un utilizzo estensivo dell’europanto:

    diego marani es un buffon fantastique que yo have encontrado some years fa πŸ™‚

    hasta ciao,


  3. Hi,
    This is how I solved this problem… I do not have time to maintain a separate twitter account as well as my orchid blog. So I installed the “TwitPlusNNNF WordPress Plugin” on my blog and then I get a check box on the dashboard where I can choose to publish the blog post on twitter at the same time as I update the blog. I even got a plugin for Facebook that updates my status on there as soon as I update twitter… so by just maintaining my blog I still manage to stay active on all three places.

    By the way, cudos to you for having the energy to keep up your blog in two languages. πŸ™‚ I only blog in English even though half of my followers are Swedish speakers, but luckily they all speak excellent English.

    Regards, Karma

  4. Same dilemma on twitter, Ms. Bonobo.

    I’m bilingual and philomath from Russia. Obviously, it is convenient to keep one feed, but I guess lot of intelligent natives are confused and lost facing a wide range of issues covered in foreign language depending on the person I write or reply to.

    I would gladly vote for the ability to tag tweets at least with language mark to allow subscribers filter irrelevant content. Yet 4 years have passed and still no option.

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