143m pounds of beef recalled in the United States

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the largest beef recall in its history Sunday, calling for the destruction of 143 million pounds of raw and frozen beef from a slaughterhouse accused of slaughtering so-called “downer” cattle, or animals too weak to walk, in violation of federal food safety regulations. For us Europeans, 143 million pounds is 64,864 tons. That’s the entire production of the slaughterhouse for the past two years, the majority likely to have been already eaten, much of it in school lunches.

This is the type of news that makes you think twice about what you eat.  And feel like spending the extra buck for organic beef.

2 thoughts on “143m pounds of beef recalled in the United States

  1. Or turning vegetarian… I’m not a vegan fundamentalist (I heartily eat the odd fish and some “spaghetti con le vongole” once in a while, simply I don’t like meat) but, since producing 1 kilo of meat proteins requests 100 kilos of vegetal protein (and 50.000 liters of water), probably eating vegetarian is more ethical and eco-friendly.
    Here a very fine blog with macrobiotic recipes (in italian):


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