Seriously cool gadgets: Samsung ML-1630

Like many Milanese, I have set up a living room corner to double as a home office. Today, I ditched that workhorse of a HP LaserJet 2200d printer, a reliable device I’ve enjoyed for years, but no longer, or maybe not ever, a star in the looks category. (It has to be the printer equivalent of the Nokia 6310 – a cell phone that I also owned years ago and that, I just found out, still sells like hot cakes to aficionados on eBay). In the HP’s place, here comes the Samsung ML-1630.

Samsung ML-1630 This has got to be the iPod of printers. The Wii of printers. The Birkin bag of printers. I don’t think I’ll subject it to many heavy-duty tasks – that’s not the purpose of a home printer. A home printer needs to look cool, occupy a small footprint, and save one from going to the office nights and weekends. This one will do the job perfectly.

Kudos to Samsung: they’ve got a winner. Here in Italy, the ML-1630 retails for approximately 200 Euro, VAT and shipping included. That’s while supplies last. My favorite store, as you know, is here.

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