The Balsamic Vinegar Chronicles: great chefs’ recipes

Once in a while, I get to indulge in a shamelessly promotional post about our Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar. We’ve had a wonderful Christmas season, and we are working to help you discover more about this gastronomic wonder.

How does one use Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of this kind? That is often a question we get at tastings and other events. Well, no fear. We have engaged the creativity of some of Italy’s best chefs to create recipes where you can make good use of our Balsamic:

Of course, recipes at this level are not meant to intimidate – you can taste balsamic vinegar at its best simply drizzled on a few chunks of well-aged Parmesan or spooned over a red meat tagliata. But if you feel like wearing your gourmet chef hat, they’re all yours!

4 thoughts on “The Balsamic Vinegar Chronicles: great chefs’ recipes

  1. I guess I’ll have to give your vinegar a try…good thing you can pay through PayPal.

    BTW, I like it best on some chuncks of Vacche Rosse Parmesan, no meat here…how does it taste with tofu? 😉

  2. Thanks Michele. Regarding your question, well… I haven’t tried, but I can’t help thinking that, to use un understatement, it would be a vast improvement on the taste of stand-alone tofu.

  3. please someone read this!!!!!

    my name is andrew morales. I am half colombian and half italian and i speak pretty good spanish. i cant explain in words to you how much passion i have in me for the mighty substance we eat called food. i am 31 yrs old and have been ready to sign my life over for an opportunity to showcase what i can do and the person that i am. when everyone is out after work drinking and whatever else, i am home thinking and thinking about ways to dazzle my guests the next lunch and dinner. food and its business are on my mind 24/7 and i love the fact that i don’t want to think about anything else. i need to be discovered and faced in the right direction towards excellence. i prob wont be the best chef ever in the world, but who is? some say him, some say the other guy. It’s all about loving the food and trying to showcase what you can do to it and with it to make people happy. and the main person you make happy is yourself. the heart trickle you get when your veal chop is so deeply and beautifully caramelized. or when you see people blush after one bight of there scallop dish because they feel like anything this good should be naughty. i will do what ever it takes to get myself to be the best i can be with everything i have in my body. the problem is that i need some direction from a better foodie source or person. again, i am willing to do anything it takes. i think if we ever met or spoke, you will be able to see what i am about and what i am trying to accomplish. can anyone in the food network help me out? i know a lot of chefs did this on there own, but i feel with the right help and practice, i can help food network and vice versa. there are a few special ones out there you know. i think i am on the list. im just in the middle of the paper next to “needs a little help”. please please please please help me. andrew morales

    p.s. i have another question. would someone happen to know the process in moving to Italy and getting an apprenticeship in a good kitchen? i would only ask for a floor to sleep on as pay. thanks for your time.

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