Louise Bourgeois at the Tate Modern

There may be many alternative universes out there. In some of them, there are planets that resemble ours, and in some of these, beings that we would recognize as humans behave almost like us. They have developed their own religions, and some of them worship strange idols, artifacts we would recognize as ancient but could not quite place in the history of any of our civilizations.

Louise Bourgeois has been there. She has brought back – and carved in marble or cast in bronze or in latex – the idols from this other universe. Some of them shapeless, many of them headless, all of them blind. They are blind, but they watch us in our dreams.

In the photo: Nature study, 1984-94, Private collection.

Coupon for two tickets for the price of one to the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Tate Modern in London: here.

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