Paola’s Facebook account valued at $306; Microsoft pays $240m for a 1.6% share

Since I am one of Facebook’s 49 million active users, it looks like I’ve just made Mark Zuckerberg and his pals five bucks richer (but I am implicitly being valued at over 300 bucks). I ought to be feeling good about it. After all, if I am somehow generating $3 of revenue for Facebook this year (the company’s top line is rumored to be about $150 million in 2007), and my lifetime value is 100 times that, and I don’t think I’ll ever use Facebook more than I’ve used it this year, it means that I am going to live until I am almost 140 years old and add about 10,000 more friends. That’s called scaling.

Get Facebook to 490 million users at some point in the future, though (not unlikely given current growth rates), and the burden I’m carrying decreases. I only have to spend 10 more years on Facebook and add 1,000 more friends.

That’s a relief: I’m looking forward to having time left over for doing other stuff with my life.

3 thoughts on “Paola’s Facebook account valued at $306; Microsoft pays $240m for a 1.6% share

  1. I’ve also been playing with Facebook, and from a user perspective can’t work out how it is a sticky and valuable enough proposition to be worth anything like $15bn – see here for more thoughts.

    But, reading on the deal, it does look more like a ‘let me pay a few hundred million dollars to block google from handling facebook ads’ than a real Facebook valuation … and I guess it may well make sense on that basis.

  2. great considerations. actually, I didn’t think of it this way, but it’s highly appropriate šŸ™‚

    greg: imho FB is the most “viral thing” I’ve ever seen. the “friend’s activity panel” is addicting. but I agree w/ u on the consideration that it’s a protective move on the adv side, very good point

  3. hahahah. .. . or how about looking at it this way. Throughout your “lifetime” on facebook, you will be expected to click on $300 worth of banner ads . . . . around 1000 clicks! (atleast)

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