Beta testers wanted

Well, I should say “tasters”, not “testers”. And it’s not really a beta anymore – although traditional Modena balsamic vinegar takes years and years to ripen, I think we can safely say we’re out of beta by now. Our barrels (durmast oak, chestnut, acacia, ash, and cherry wood) have been working their magic and the stuff that comes out the small end of the line is liquid brown gold.

If you’d like to come see us in Modena, this trade show on the first weekend of October is a great time. Everybody who’s anybody in balsamic vinegar will be there, and your taste buds will have the time of their life. Other interesting exhibitors, at least judging from names and locations, will be: Osteria Caserma Guelfa & Nudo e Crudo, Vinaigre del Condado de Huelva, Consejo Regulador Vinagre de Jerez, Vinaigrerie La Guinelle, Pars Yeema Biotechnologist Co., Wuhan Polytechnic University, and the College of Food Science and Technology of Huazhong Agriculture University.

Finally, a few words on the show’s visual identity. The model is good-looking and the product is appealingly shown on a chunk of Parmesan (although fans believe that dunking, not sprinkling, is the recommended tasting solution for traditional balsamic and Parmesan). But it feels like we’ve seen this advertising trick (show model’s mouth, hide model’s eyes) a gazillion times before. Creatives, some more creativity next time, please.

2 thoughts on “Beta testers wanted

  1. I’m actually considering coming, I just have to make sure I’m not busy that week-end.

    BTW, the idea of parmesan with a drop of balsamic vinegar on top will be in my head for the rest of the day…damn! 😉

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