eBayers are a colorful bunch

ebay-live.jpgI am borrowing this picture from my good friend and colleague Dennis, who has a Flickr photostream from these past three days at eBay Live! 2007 in Boston – check it out here.

It is incredibly gratifying to hear members of our community tell us their stories. For many sellers, trading on eBay is the most empowering thing they’ve ever done in their life.

There are kids who gross a million dollars at 23 because they have found their niche in the eBay marketplace, and now teach others how to find their own. There are single moms who make a living by running their eBay business from home. Yesterday, I heard a disabled gentleman in a wheelchair say “eBay was a life-changing event for me”.

I guess Google employees have other perks, but they don’t often get to hear this kind of stuff.

One thought on “eBayers are a colorful bunch

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