David Bowie and eBay, what do they have in common? Webby Lifetime Achievement Awards

David Bowie - 2007 Webby AwardsMeg Whitman - Webby Awards

Meg Whitman and David Bowie will both be honored in New York on June 5 with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Webby Awards gig, which once a year polls pundits and common voters to find the “best of the Web”. This year, David Bowie was chosen for being an early advocate of technology in artistic experimentation; the eBay community, in spite of having been around for quite a lot less time (since 1995, i.e. a full generation after Bowie’s artistic maturity), for the company’s contributions as a cultural phenomenon and commitment to innovation, growth and social consciousness. Meg Whitman will accept the award on behalf of 233 million registered eBay users. Past Webby Lifetime Achievement Award winners include Prince (2006) and Al Gore (2005).

This is weird. Will David and Meg be on the stage together? The famously debauched, bisexual, seen-it-all artist, with the CEO who supports Mitt Romney’s pro-abstinence views on sex education in schools? A few months ago, Valleywag grilled Meg Whitman for being a “mom CEO” with “bad taste in Republicans” (she has apparently supported more unsavory characters than Romney). The Boston Globe reported recently that Governor Romney’s policy on abstinence education is being overthrown by Governor Patrick, after the conclusions of a federal study finding that “students in programs focusing solely on abstinence are just as likely to have sex as those not in such programs” (and, I imagine, less safely). Duh. So much for the “self-esteem” and “character-building” that are supposed to come from abstinence. David Bowie, for example, doesn’t look like someone whose early promiscuity deflated his ego. If Meg and David start talking about sex, will someone please put the video on YouTube?

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