The Virginia Tech tragedy and the debate America ought to be having

I am often in rather uncanny agreement with policy positions that happen to be advocated by The Economist, a weekly I tend to read with some loyalty. This week’s leader about the tragedy at Virginia Tech University is another instance that makes me plaud at insightful journalism. To quote just a snippet:

No phrase is bandied around more in the gun debate than “freedom of the individual”. When it comes to most dangerous products—be they drugs, cigarettes or fast cars—this newspaper advocates a more liberal approach than the American government does. But when it comes to handguns, automatic weapons and other things specifically designed to kill people, we believe control is necessary, not least because the failure to deal with such violent devices often means that other freedoms must be curtailed. Instead of a debate about guns, America is now having a debate about campus security.

I encourage you to read the whole article, if you agree, and even more so if you don’t agree.

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