8 thoughts on “Portulaca in bloom

  1. These are very beautiful flowers. My mother was visiting my aunt in Rome and she had red ones. What kind of portulaca are these? I am trying to get them here is the states, but I am having no luck.

  2. Hi Angela. This is a perennial grass (nice, green and fat throughout the year – almost like a succulent) with a spectacular late spring bloom. It is very easy to grow and needs no special care – gardeners tell me it is almost considered a weed. Good luck!

  3. I think these were called “Sunbursts” in my hometown & were grown in everyone’s front porch pot. They came back every year, rooted very easily & were spectacular bloomers throughout the summer. I have been trying to find a piece in order to start some of my own but no one seems to have any.

  4. I’m going with the delosperma, its definitely an ice plant. We researched them for months for a barren slope in our front yard. Our landscaper talked us into Iberis (candytuft) instead, but we recently saw the delosperma in the sand dunes on Coronado Island off of San Diego and they were gorgeous. My pictures look exactly like yours.

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