So hilarious, I think it’s a hoax

TechCrunch has a very funny article today: “Career Advice: Don’t Spend Half Your Work Day On Facebook And Then Brag About It“. It is so hilarious that I think the guy must have been posing as a Goldman Sachs trader (I know Goldman screens people for brainpower and motivation, I assume they have a checkbox for common sense too) and must have made up the email from the IT department.

As for Facebook, it must be about the only social networking site where I’ve never opened an account. Maybe I would have, if the site had been around when I was in high school. But, as I am fond of saying, I am glad that there were no blogs back then. My teenage diaries have been safely destroyed, and I would hate it if the thoughts of my 17-year-old brain were still floating around in cyberspace.

One thought on “So hilarious, I think it’s a hoax

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