More about Social Networking: 85Broads

Luckily, not all that ever went on at Goldman Sachs was inane goofing around on the Web (just kidding; I already said I think the Charlie story is a hoax). I just was approved to join (yes, they screen you) a site called 85Broads, the brainchild of a former Goldman Sachs fixed income VP called Janet Hanson. I was referred to the network by a very cool colleague who has a Harvard MBA, Nicola. A few open issues here:

  • Where are all my amazingly powerful and cool women friends from B-school? They’re not there. I just found one, Amanda. Amanda, glad I found you!
  • What possessed the person in charge of site design to choose that green-and-orange color scheme? It was probably meant to look fresh and inviting. All it does is look ugly.
  • Some readers of Janet Hanson’s book, More than 85 Broads, have dismissed it as shameless self-promotion, which casts some doubt on the Web enterprise as well. While I probably won’t read the book (it might have been a useful read, say, twenty years ago), I tend to give the author the benefit of doubt (after all, I work at a place where one of the corporate mantras is “We believe people are basically good”). Some self-promotion is good. And it’s so hard to have any kind of impact without making mistakes: I love Oprah, but I look at Oprah’s hawking of a book apparently best described as “a mishmash of offensive self-help clichés” (I am quoting from Salon magazine) and I agree that, well, even Oprah is making a mistake.

So, you who are out there: any point of view on 85Broads? Please comment.

Comments on Oprah are welcome, too. I believe Oprah is basically good.

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