A public Wiki for McKinsey blogs

I found out recently – through the Wiki set up by Shipriya Mahesh for eBayers’ blogs – that many of my eBay colleagues and former colleagues are bloggers. No surprise here: we live and breathe the Web every minute of our lives, it is only natural that many of us use blogs to discuss business, start-ups, Web trends or personal opinions.

I wonder, though, how many bloggers there are in the community of consultants and alumni from my previous employer, McKinsey. Fewer, I guess, since the Web isn’t the bread and butter of the profession; yet, there are many sharp and opinionated individuals for whom I imagine that hashing out ideas in the public domain would be enormously stimulating. So, with a few minor variations (mainly concerning password sharing), here’s the McKinsey Blogs Wiki. Are you a former McKinsey colleague and blogger? Please add your blog to the list, and post about the Wiki in your blog!

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