Women and politics: a long way to go

From Garr Reynolds’ blog, a piece of pretty appalling news about the 71-year-old Japanese health minister referring to women as “birth-giving machines”. Funny that, as far as I know, nobody thought of having Hakuo Yanagisawa go out to dinner with 70-year-old Silvio Berlusconi, so that they can discuss and compare notes on whether God created women primarily for being ogled or for making babies.

One thought on “Women and politics: a long way to go

  1. Promoting women rights is one of the most important condition to create a healthy and peaceful society. Although de-jure women’s rights are protected in many countries, de-facto women are still not equally represented and treated. Unfortunately, this can be referred even to the advanced democracies of the world and the recent rallies of women in Northern Ireland is a good example of this.

    For everyone who is interested in learning more about women in politics and contributing to the advancement of women in political life, I suggest visiting http://www.iknowpolitics.org. This is the website of the International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) that is open for everyone to participate in the global discussions and to gain an access to resources important for promoting women leaders around the world.

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