Autism, language and personhood

It looks like everybody knows at least somebody who has an autistic child these days. In fact, I sometimes get the feeling that is it becoming fashionable to claim to have been at least a borderline Asperger child (and I am not immune to the fad myself). Today, this video by an autistic woman made me think again about what the majority of us calls a cognitive deficit, all the while being told by autistic people who cross over and try to explain it to us in our language that from their point of view it is our cognitive patterns that appear to be severely restricted, not theirs. Eight and a half minutes, quite worth watching. If you’re the kind who prefers reading to videos (I do!), I also recommend Send in the Idiots by Kamran Nazeer.

3 thoughts on “Autism, language and personhood

  1. extraodinary. A lesson on expression, life, cultural boudaries that top artists have been trying to but not managed to give. Thanks Paola.

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