Where to find the best three breakfasts in the world

I had a few amazing breakfasts while on holiday last month (see 2. below), and I figured I’d share my memory of this dream breakfast while it’s still fresh in my mind. In the context, however, of a ranking – of the top three places in the world for breakfast, carefully selected over many years of traveling worldwide.

  1. Grand Park Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan. This is the classy hotel of “Lost in Translation” fame, and my experience there was outstanding. Here’s a place where, in the best hospitality tradition, each and every member of the staff will go the extra mile to satisfy your wishes or solve your problems. The breakfast is the best part of the day: a most civilized, truly cosmopolitan meal, from the crunchiness of the muesli to the genuineness of the prosciutto.
  2. Soneva Gili, Lankanfushi Island, North Male Atoll, Maldives. You can’t have a bad day if it includes tai chi, yoga, diving and massages, but it’s even better if it starts with an unexpectedly stellar breakfast. Catalan chef Jaume (who worked with Santi Santamaria near Barcelona) runs a Michelin-star quality operation on this tiny island, where you dine with your feet in the sand and hear the waves gently lapping the shore. The breakfast? Imagine the Grand Park Hyatt buffet, sushi to smoothies, and add the lovely touch of a selection of ayurvedic infusions.
  3. Maison de Marc Veyrat, Veyrier du Lac (near Annecy), France. Breakfast at this most charming country inn comes delivered in a wicker basket to your lakeside terrace. The basket is about the size of a trunk, and the contents never cease to amaze, from homemade marmalades and jams to an assortment of French and Swiss cheeses. Dinner was good, but the breakfast experience eclipsed it in my memory.

May your breakfast be healthy and nutritious, and give you the right fuel for each and every day of your life!

2 thoughts on “Where to find the best three breakfasts in the world

  1. Was that the Grand Hyatt in the Roppongi hills complex ? I stayed there for a month once but I remember the breakfast was mega expensive !

    If you are in Prague, try the French breakfast at the Cafe Savoy !

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